Picture This: Denny Hall at the UW


This is the detail on a building’s facade at the University of Washington, Seattle campus. I made the photo with my Nikon D5300 and Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 lens.

It was still early in the morning when I took this, as I wandered slowly to my office, setting down my coffee to manually adjust the camera and focus the lens. I like the way it turned out, especially the colors.

Workers laid the cornerstone for Denny Hall in 1894, and the building was completed in 1895. When it was completed, Denny Hall became the new home of the UW’s Seattle campus, following a move away from downtown. Over time, good interior design was replaced by functional needs before the campus expanded around Denny, and much of the interior deteriorated from the 1970s forward. This past fall, Denny Hall reopened, newly renovated (read more here).

Picture This is a Daydreams in Analog feature focusing on a single picture.


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